Explaining the Gap.

It has been stretched enough that every generation is different, and each has its particular way of doing things, and approaching situations. It is common to hear people say “back in the day” referring to all kind of circumstances, from parenting, to relationships, to work, to ethics, etc. It does not matter the subject it is clear that as times changes, we see things differently and react according to our differences. Millennials have revolutionized most aspects of life; a baby boomer who wakes up from a twenty-five year coma would probably sleep back into it after a week trying to process all the changes. He or she would see people practically attached to their cellphones ignoring each other, and taking pictures (yes! pictures with the cellphone baby boomer) of themselves, their food and the sky; and it is these people who are progressively entering the workforce and changing it completely.

If the baby boomer in question where to enter a big company, most likely, he would be in shock probably thinking that he got into some sort of fancy arcade, and judging by the atmosphere of the place I imagine he would have a hard time believing that it is the way employees of a respected company behave. I have always wondered where all this pampering from companies comes from. Ten years ago people were also required to deliver their best and contribute to the company, but the benefits from employers extended to monetary value and maybe extra vacation days, however companies today go above and beyond to offer their employees an attractive benefits package, and great organizational climate. Considering such a change, it is only normal to wonder why does a company today feels that it has to give free massages to their employees for doing their job. The answer is because we are conceited, according to Tim Urban in the article “Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy”; “Baby Boomers all around the country and world told their Gen Y kids that they could be whatever they wanted to be, instilling the special protagonist identity deep within their psyches”, hence we grow believing we are this awesome creature deserving of great remunerations, we are basically full of ourselves. Therefore when a company has to deal with a generation of people who, as Urban puts it, think that “[they are] unusually wonderful and as such, [their] career and life path will stand out amongst the crowd”, it has to conceive ways to keep the egos satisfy and ensure to attract qualified candidates and keep them, reducing turnover.

But why do companies have to adapt to Millennials? Because of two things; Baby Boomers and Generation X, will soon start to retreat and Generation Y will have to step in, but most importantly because it is the generation that is more at ease with technology, according to the article “Winning the generation game”, “being ´digital natives´ has helped them overtake older candidates in jobs where understanding of such things as social media helps”, so as a result “Baby-boomers really resent [millennials]… And Generation X… is fed up of being ´stuck in the middle between older workers who refuse to retire and younger ones who are treated far better than they ever were´”.

Each generation has molded the workplace to their ways, and there is a difference between each “governing” generation, but perhaps the gap is more noticeable with millennials, not only because of the way technology has changed the means of doing even mundane tasks, but because of the great change in the mentally of this generation, who grows up believing they are capable of everything and are always in the search of a “wow factor” for every aspect of their lives, job included.


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