New Generation: New Jobs.

Each generation shapes the world according to their experiences, common beliefs, needs, and inventions. As a society, we are constantly evolving and changing the approach in which we do things. Millennials are changing the perception of the workplace, now people hope to find a job that can offer great organizational climate with as many benefits as possible, and find an enjoyable career. Most likely a Baby Boomer would think that is a little bit too much to ask for, however, due to social changes, advance in technology and changes we have made in everyday activities we, Generation Y, are doing things as never before and that new modus operandi has created the need for jobs that did not exist in the past.

Most new jobs existing today arise thanks to the innovations in technology and the impact they have had in our lives. The relationship people have with technology has never been experienced by other generations. Now we rely on technology for eighty percent of our activities, hence the technological industry is extremely powerful, in constant search of new inventions, new ways to apply technology,  both in our personal and professional lives, and maximize resources; by doing so new jobs descriptions emerged, and now the labour market has positions such as Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Information Security Analyst, Web Developer, IT Manager/Analyst, Database Administrator, Programmer, App Developer, and so on.

 Developing technology is not the only source of new jobs, the way we use technology on every aspect of our day-to-day activities has forced companies to adapt to the various ways we have adjusted to technology; now people shop online, share their customer experience on social media, look for offers and shop guidelines online, etc., and companies need to keep up with this behavior, adapting their marketing strategies to the pattern of the modern customer. Therefore, companies have the need of a Digital Marketing Specialist, to carry out online campaigns and company image, Social Media Manager, in charge of the company advertising and performance on Social Media. According to Meghan Casserly’s article “10 Jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago”, companies now require a Market Research Data Miner who “looks for behavioral patterns to help retailers and businesses predict future trends or to build recommendation engines or personalized advertising” based on “different datasets including structured (transaction), semi-structured (user behavior) and unstructured (text) information”, as well as a Chief Listening Officer who “keeps her ears (and eyes) on social channels and real life conversations to keep the company up to speed on what their customers are saying”.

Technology and social media are the cause of several new jobs but not the only one. The new concept we have on the workplace itself has created a change on the Human Resources department. A few decades ago this department was not of much importance in companies, but today it is seen as an intrinsic part of a company’s success and strategy development. This department, at least in big companies, must ensure to have a labour relationship representative, a benefits analyst who is in charge of planning, handling, and designing different ways to maintain employees and minimize turnover.

The necessities of today’s world has given way to the creation of new markets, which have created new needs and in order to satisfy them, new jobs have risen in different fields. I am pretty sure my mum would have a difficult time trying to understand how someone can be paid a good amount of money to create reports from data obtained from basically stalking, as does the Research Data Miner, however in our technological, social media oriented society this kind of job has become a normal position required by enterprises in order to keep competitive.


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